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The inaugural meeting of the Harley Scouts.

The Harley Scouts were a youth organization formed by Harley Quinn, geared toward teaching young girls what she considered “truly valuable life skills”.


After having stolen a box of cookies from a young Mandy Scout who had knocked on her door, Harley Quinn related to Poison Ivy that, as a girl, she herself had once been a Mandy Scout, but hadn’t taken away any valuable skills.

Deciding to rectify that, Harley held a meeting at a local youth center of a new group she dubs, "Harley Scouts". Consisting of young girls dressed exactly like her, she tried to instill them with her own twisted moral code, encouraging them to earn merit badges in skills like "Identity Theft" and "Internet Fraud".

Teaching the girls the Harley Scout Oath, “A Harley Scout does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, to whoever she wants… so get out of my face, chump,” she also instructed them that the more Harley Scout cookies they sold (in such flavors as Chocolate Nightmares, Hyena Howlers, and Puddin' Cookies), the more people would like them.

Fortunately, however, Batgirl interrupted the meeting with the Mandy Scouts in tow. As a melee broke out between the two groups, Harley attempted to sneak away with both the cookie money and the cookies themselves but - seeing this - the Harley Scouts proceeded to team up with the Mandy Scouts against Harley. Capturing her and tying her up, both groups were awarded "Law and Order" merit badges by Batgirl.


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