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Hardware was a superhero.


Richie Foley considered "Hardware" when deciding on a name for a superhero identity, but Virgil Hawkins quickly pointed out that the name was already taken.

Background information[]

Hardware (aka Curtis Metcalf) was Milestone's first hero. He was an employee of Edwin Alva, and built a power suit in the basement of Alva Industries. In many ways, he is the Milestone equivalent of Steel, and even teamed up with Steel during a Final Crisis crossover. He occasionally crossed over into Static, but had his own title well before that.

While he never appeared on screen, the shows producers had been open about the idea of including Hardware, along with the other Milestone heroes, in the show. While doing press for Static Shock: Season Three, Alan Burnett had stated it was a possibility "if we ever got a fourth and fifth season". Denys Cowan echoed the sentiment saying he'd love to use "chracters like Hardware or Rocket" and insisted he kept mentioning the idea every month.[1] According to Dwayne McDuffie, the reason this never came to pass was because Kids' WB! insisted they would have to be teens.[2]


Static Shock

  • "Gear" (Mentioned Only)

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