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Hamilton Hill High School

Hamilton Hill High School is a high school located in Gotham City, dedicated and named after a late 20th century mayor of Gotham, Hamilton Hill.


Hamilton Hill High School was named after a late 20th century mayor of Gotham. One of its students was Terry McGinnis, and the school was also the focus of many strange happenings that the he worked to foil as Batman.

Alternate reality

In the alternate reality created by Chronos, an abandoned Hamilton Hill High School served as the headquarters for the remains of the Justice League Unlimited (Terry, Static, Warhawk and an elderly Bruce Wayne). It was in the school that the group allied with the time-traveling Justice League members Batman, Wonder Woman and John Stewart to take on Chronos.

While there, Stewart learned that Warhawk was his and Shayera's future son. The various heroes also witnessed the disappearance of Wonder Woman in the High School as the timeline became more and more unstable.

Later, as the heroes moved to confront Chronos and repair the damage done to time and space, the elderly Bruce Wayne returned to the school to monitor the battle and then witnessed the death of Terry McGinnis at the hands of Dee Dee. However, the entire reality was undone just minutes later when Batman and Stewart finally caught Chronos. The school was then returned to its original function, and all those who died were restored with no memory of what had occurred.[1]




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