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Colonel Hal Jordan was an Air Force pilot and a Green Lantern at an unspecified point.



When Colonel Jordan was stationed at Broome Lake Air Force Base, his plane was heavily damaged during a battle between Sinestro and Kyle Rayner.[1]

Alternate Timeline

During one of the fluctuations in the unstable alternate timeline created by Chronos in the 2050s, Hal Jordan briefly replaced John Stewart, with full knowledge of all events up to that point. Jordan appealed to Enid Clinton to help find her husband and fix the timeline. His plea worked and Enid directed the Justice League and JLU to her husband's location. The timeline fluctuated once again and Stewart was restored. The League successfully thwarted Chronos and restored the space-time continuum, though only Stewart and Batman retained knowledge of the time travel mission. However, since Stewart didn't acknowledge or seem to realize that he had been briefly replaced, it appeared that only Batman knew of the Green Lantern named Hal Jordan.[2]

Background information

Hal Jordan, test pilot and ring-bearer of Sector 2814, was DC Comics' Silver Age Green Lantern, first appearing in 1959, and one of the co-founders of the Justice League of America in 1960. In the 1970s, he and Green Arrow starred in Dennis O'Neil's critically acclaimed "Hard Traveling Heroes" stories, dealing with social problems across the country, including drug addiction. Another storyline focusing on racism saw the introduction of an additional Green Lantern, John Stewart. After the destruction of Coast City, Jordan became the villain Parallax, until he sacrificed himself during "Final Night". During the "Day of Judgment" event, he became the vessel of the Spectre, God's Angel of Vengeance. He was brought back to life for "Green Lantern: Rebirth" where it was revealed his descent into villainy was prompted by the real Parallax, a living embodiment of fear who corrupted Hal with the aid of Sinestro. Returned to life, Hal defeated Parallax alongside his fellow Lantern and resumed his career as a hero.

Hal is the only Green Lantern in the DCAU to wear the classic uniform of the comics.

Powers and abilities

As a Green Lantern, Hal Jordan wielded a Green Lantern power ring. He also possessed military training and was a certified pilot.

Appearances and references

Superman: The Animated Series

Justice League Unlimited


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