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Gypsy was a member of the expanded Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion.


Although almost always unnoticed, Gypsy has actively fought evil alongside Vibe and Steel. Gypsy's first demonstration of power was to rescue people after the binary fusion cannon fired[1] and she later fought Darkseid's second invasion.[2]

Background information[]

  • In the extra "And Justice for All", which appeared on Justice League Unlimited - Season One (DVD), Gypsy was confirmed to be a member of the League, though not specifically identified. Her identity was later confirmed through a Mattel action figure released in her likeness.
  • In the DC Comics, Cindy Reynolds used her chameleon and illusion-casting powers to protect herself. As the young woman grew, she transformed into the mysterious Gypsy, adopting her vagabond style of dress. Gypsy quickly became a myth among the people of Cameron Street, which she called "home". Cindy did indeed descend from the line of Romani people — more commonly known as the "Gypsies". Yet for whatever reason (perhaps a sense of mistrust bred by centuries of persecution), she tended to guard the secrets of her superhuman powers. Though one of her few appearances in the show depicted her as having a phasing power, Gypsy never exhibited this power in the comics.


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