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The Green Guardsman, real name Scott Mason, was an alternate-Earth superhero and a member of the Justice Guild of America.


Like the rest of his JGA teammates, the Guardsman was believed to be a fictional character by the residents of the mainstream Earth.

The Green Guardsman wielded a power ring very similar to those used by the Green Lantern Corps, with the important exception that his ring was entirely ineffective against aluminum.

Along with his fellow Justice Guild members, the Guardsman sacrificed himself to save his world, perishing along with the rest of the JGA during a war that destroyed most of their world. Along with the rest of the Justice Guild, Guardsman sacrificed himself and "died" a second time defeating Ray Thompson, who had recreated them all, in an illusion of his past world.

Background information

Just as the other JGA members were based on the comics' classic Justice Society of America, Green Guardsman was a slightly-modified version of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott. The Guardsman's uniform differs only slightly from Alan Scott's outfit — mainly in terms of color scheme (notably, Alan wears a red shirt, uncommon to any other Green Lantern, except for the Corps' insignia), chest insignia, and the details of his mask. Guardsman's aluminum weakness is a nod to Alan Scott's inability to affect anything made of wood.


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