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"Gotham in Pink" is the twenty-third episode of Gotham Girls and the second episode of Season Three. It first aired on July 30th, 2002. With men disappeared without a trace, all of the women run Gotham city. Catwoman gets accused of the kidnapping of Detective Reesedale. Meanwhile, acting Mayor Styles and Detective Montoya request Batgirl's help but the overzealous acting Comissioner Greenway takes her own matters on the investigation without help from Batgirl. Soon after, they hear that someone had broken into the vault and no one can get in without the key card. Ivy and Harley broke into the vault stealing confiscated evidence.


Ivy reads and Harley pouts

Poison Ivy reads Gotham News as Harley Quinn pouts.

In Gotham City, news outlets such as Gotham News begin reporting on the disappearance of the city's men, which has left the city in a state of emergency. With now having to work double duty, Gotham's women answer the call to keep the city calm. Poison Ivy, reading the news, tries to convince Harley Quinn that it's not a big deal, especially since this means Batman, Robin and their criminal competition is out of the picture. However, this also means Harley is without her "Mr. J".

Selina and Isis Watch

Selina and Isis watch the press conference about the missing men.

Across the city, Selina Kyle is lounging at her apartment with Isis, and decides to check in on what the interim mayor has to say about the events. Turning on the TV, she tunes into a press conference being held live at Gotham Police Department. Hoping to find some answers regarding the disappearance of her father, Barbara Gordon tunes in as well.

Press conference for the missing men

Interim mayor Elizabeth Styles holds a press conference at Gotham Police Department.

To Selina's shock, the conference begins, the new Mayor pins the blame for Detective Selma Reesedale's kidnapping on Catwoman, stating it occurred during her visit to the Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence Vault. Having tuned in to the conference as well, Harley posits that maybe some of Mr. J's belongings are in that vault. Poison Ivy chimes in listing other villains who likely have items in there as well, such as Killer Croc, Mister Freeze, Riddler as well as the two of them. Noting that the best time to hit a target is right after somebody else has, the two begin to devise a scheme.

Caroline Greenway takes the podium

Caroline Greenway takes the podium to address questions from the press.

At the press conference, a reporter asks the interim Mayor if it's wise to divert man-power from the search for the missing men to focus on Selma. Perturbed, acting commissioner Caroline Greenway takes the podium, and tells the reporters that while they're concerned about the men, running the city is the top priority.

Renee turns off the conference

Annoyed with Caroline, Renee Montoya turns off the press conference.

Inside, Renee Montoya and Dora Smithy are watching as well. Renee reaches to turn it off as she hears Caroline suggest the city may be better off without the men. Dora comments that Renee's new boss seems to like the lime light, but the detective responds that Caroline isn't her boss, Commissioner Gordon is. Either way, Dora seems convinced that Caroline doesn't miss having the men around.

Batgirl arrives

Batgirl joins Renee Montoya and Elizabeth Styles on the roof of Gotham Police Department.

On the roof of Gotham Police Department, interim mayor Elizabeth Styles lights the bat-signal. Accompanied by Renee Montoya, the acting mayor asks the detective why she's so sure this will get Batgirl's attention. Renee responds "it's called the 'bat' signal, not a 'man' signal." Her suspicions confirmed, Batgirl appears behind the two women, ready for duty. Renee tells the vigilante that the investigation has hit a brick wall, and the mayor suggests that it may be being stalled from the inside. Batgirl takes this to mean they believe Caroline is sabotaging the investigation.

Greenway addresses the women

Caroline Greenway admonish Renee Montoya and Elizabeth Styles for working with Batgirl.

Just then, the acting commissioner joins the women on the roof. Having overheard the conversation, Greenway looks to shut the meeting down. Renee attempts to fumble her way through an explanation, but Caroline refuses to have it, feeling the detective is working behind her back. Elizabeth attempts to correct her, saying Renee went over her head, but is once again shut down by the no-nonsense cop. Telling the group of women that, unlike her predecessor, she doesn't need vigilante assistance, Caroline dismisses Batgirl.

Batgirl holds back Renee

Batgirl holds back Renee Montoya after she lunges at Caroline Greenway.

Demanding the Bat-signal be destroyed, Caroline has crossed a line with Renee. Batgirl grabs the detective to hold her back, and Renee shouts at the acting commissioner in defense of Gordon. Greenway tells her that rules are for everybody, and takes credit for the sudden plummet in crime (truthfully caused by the disappearance of the city's men). The tension between factions is cut entirely when another police officer busts through the door to inform Caroline that the Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence Vault has been broken into yet again, and without the keycard, nobody can get in.

Having used a vine to bust in through the floor below, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn snoop around the vault. Filling a shopping cart with boxes of confiscated evidence, Harley turns to open a new locker, and is shocked by what she finds.

To be continued...

Interactive segment[]

A clickable bat provides profiles of Acting Commissioner Caroline Greenway and Acting Mayor Elizabeth Styles.


Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl
Elizabeth Styles
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn
Diane Pershing Poison Ivy
Adrienne Barbeau Selina Kyle
Renee Montoya
Jennifer Hale Caroline Greenway
Dora Smithy

Uncredited appearances[]