"Gotham in Pink" is the twenty-third episode of Gotham Girls.


The men are gone, the women have stepped up, and the city is surprisingly calm, say the headlines. Poison Ivy is optimistic. Harley Quinn is depressed. Selina Kyle watches TV, and is shocked when the new Mayor addresses the gathered women of Gotham, telling them that Detective Selma Reesedale has been kidnapped... by Catwoman.

The crime supposedly took place in the Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence Vault, which holds the equipment of, in Poison Ivy's words, "everybody who's anybody". She also concludes that the best time to hit a place is immediately after it's been hit, and takes off.

Greenway takes over the podium, praising the women of Gotham and making keeping the City running first priority, ahead of doing anything about the men's disappearance, while Dora and Detective Renee Montoya watch. That night, the mayor and Montoya summon Batgirl with the Bat-signal, unsure about Greenway's role in the proceedings.

That moment, they are interrupted by Greenway herself. She defends her "methods", decries Commissioner Gordon, criticizes Styles and Montoya for going behind her back and orders Batgirl, disapproving of her vigilantism, to get off her roof... when she receives word that the Vault has been broken into again, and without the keycard, nobody can get in.

Inside, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn go through the place (having grown a vine through the floor), and Harley is shocked to find something in one of the lockers.

To be continued...

Interactive Segment

A clickable bat provides profiles of Acting Commissioner Caroline Greenway and Acting Mayor Elizabeth Styles.


Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl
Elizabeth Styles
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn
Diane Pershing Poison Ivy
Adrienne Barbeau Selina Kyle
Renee Montoya
Jennifer Hale Caroline Greenway
Dora Smithy

Uncredited appearances

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