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"Gotham In Blue" is the twenty-fifth episode of Gotham Girls and the fourth episode of Season Three. It first aired August 27th, 2002. Batgirl surprises Catwoman rifling through a computer belonging to a Detective Reesedale - a woman who disappeared at the same time as the men. Working together they discover the missing Detective's secret which may help explain the disappearance. But when they find out the device has been stolen by Harley & Ivy during their raid of the police vault, everything is thrown into jeopardy!


Catwoman watches the news

Catwoman watches the news.

As Catwoman watches the news, the anchor refreshes viewers on the ongoing case of the missing men, as well as Detective Selma Reesedale's supposed kidnapping at the hands of the cat burglar. Still peeved that the crime is being misattributed to her, Catwoman suits up.

Batgirl in Gordons office

Batgirl and Dora Smithy discuss James Gordon's disappearance.

At the Gotham Police Department, a nervous Dora Smithy stands in the Commissioner's office, gun trained on the chair swinging back and forth at Gordon's desk. As the chair turns, the desk light is flipped on revealing that Dora's gun was actually a phone. In the chair sits Gordon's daughter, Batgirl. Dora explains that the interim commissioner, Caroline Greenway, had given her orders to box up her predecessors belongings, and has made everything dealing with Gordon off limits, including Batgirl. However, not being a woman bound by limits, Dora offers her assistance to help her find Gordon's keycard. Dora thanks Batgirl for her help in the case, and tells her that due to 80% of the force missing, they're so understaffed that nobody's even been to Selma Reesedale's apartment.

Catwoman plays the message

Catwoman plays Selma Reesedale's final voice message for Batgirl.

At Selma's apartment, Catwoman feeds the missing detectives cat. Suddenly, Batgirl arrives to the scene, and binds the alleged criminal in a wired batarang. Attempting to prove her innocence, Catwoman denies involvement in the crime, and tells Batgirl that she's ben doing some investigating of her own. She plays Selma's final phone message that she left for her cat Tuesday night, but it cuts off at 6:40 PM, just before the men disappeared.

Batgirl and Catwoman surprised

Batgirl and Catwoman are surprised by their findings.

Catwoman tells the vigilante that she also found a locked folder on the detective's hard drive. Batgirl, having no qualms about potentially invading Selma's privacy, hacks into it almost instantly. Being met with photos of Selma's transition timeline, the two believe they've solved her disappearance, positing that she must have been closest to whatever caused the ongoing disappearance of Gotham City's men. Noting that she last saw the detective inside the vault, Catwoman suggests that maybe it's due to something that was stored within.

Ivy admires the art

Poison Ivy admires the stained glass window commissioned by Thomas Wayne.

At a non-descript monastery elsewhere in the city, Harley is playing with her newfound goodies when Poison Ivy asks for her assistance. Staring at a stained glass window, Ivy remarks that it's a Tiffany rendition of a now-extinct orchid that was commissioned for the building by none other than Thomas Wayne. As Harley looks up and notes the total absence of monks, Batgirl and Catwoman drop in on the duo. Immediarely, Harley pulls a weapon out of the bag, warning them not to come any closer, "or I'll... reverse... polarity". Having confused everyone, she remarks that it always works on Star Quest, and switches the setting.

Harley reverses polarity

Harley Quinn reverses polarity on Mister Freeze's gun.

As Harley Quinn pulls the trigger, energy waves run throughout Gotham. All of a sudden, Selma Reesedale reappears in the Gotham Police Department Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence vault. Then, the missing inmates from Arkham Asylum begin to populate the prison basketball court. In the commissioner's office, James Gordon reappears while Dora Smithy handles his boxed up belongings. Finally, the monks pop back into the monastery. Noticing what she's done, Harley exclaims, "They're back!"

To be continued...

= Interactive Segment[]

A clickable bat-symbol allows the viewer to look for clues in Gordon's desk, checking the time (6:39 and 10 seconds), a magazine, his ID card, and his keyring.

Background information[]

Gotham in Blue DVD Title Card

Gotham in Blue's misprint DVD title card


  • The revelation that Selma Reesedale is transgender is the first occurrence of such a character in the DCAU.
  • On the DVD release, the text for this episodes title card was redone entirely, with some words overlapping.


Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn
Diane Pershing Poison Ivy
Adrienne Barbeau Catwoman/Selina Kyle
Jennifer Hale Caroline Greenway
Dora Smithy
Selma Reesedale

Uncredited appearances[]


Batgirl: According to the police, Detective Reesedale heard a noise, went to investigate, and found you.
Catwoman: I don't make noise.

Catwoman: You gotta love a woman who leaves her cat phone messages.

Batgirl: (about Detective Reesedale's disappearance) Well, at least we know why she disappeared when the men did. She is a he. The full message was cut off at 6:40; that would make the first "man" to disappear. She must have been very close to whatever caused all of this.
Catwoman: Last I saw her, she was in the vault. It could be something stored there. Batgirl: Or something that used to be stored there.

Harley Quinn: (raising a device at Batgirl) Don't come any closer, or I'll... [squints] reverse... polarity?