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"Gotham In Blue" is the twenty-fifth episode of Gotham Girls.


Catwoman suits up, still peeved at the claim that she kidnapped Selma. In the Commissioner's office, the lights are turned on... by Batgirl. Dora is sympathetic, and helps her find Gordon's keycard, commenting that they're so understaffed that nobody's even been to Selma Reesedale's apartment...

Except for Catwoman, whom Batgirl finds feeding the detective's cat. Catwoman denies being involved, claiming somebody else is responsible. They listen to a phone message she left her cat, cutting off almost immediately after the men disappeared—and then Batgirl hacks into a locked folder on her computer, only to discover that Selma is a trans woman.

Based on the time of the message, they conclude that Selma was among the first to disappear, and was probably close to whatever caused the disappearance—probably something in the Evidence Vault... or something that used to be in there, now that Harley and Ivy have raided it.

Hiding out at a now-empty monastery, Harley is playing with her newfound goodies when Batgirl and Catwoman drop in on her. Harley pulls a weapon out of the bag, warning them not to come any closer, "or I'll... reverse... polarity". Her intended targets are confused by this. Not really getting it herself, she nonetheless pulls the trigger, sending waves throughout Gotham—and all the men start reappearing all over the city, exactly where they were three days ago...

To be continued...

Interactive Segment

A clickable bat-symbol allows the viewer to look for clues in Gordon's desk, checking the time (6:39 and 10 seconds), a magazine, his ID card, and his keyring.

Background information


  • Poison Ivy mentions one of the stained glass art of a flower in the monastery was commissioned by Thomas Wayne before it became extinct.
  • The revelation that Selma Reesedale is transsexual is the first occurrence of such a character in the DCAU.


Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn
Diane Pershing Poison Ivy
Adrienne Barbeau Catwoman/Selina Kyle
Jennifer Hale Caroline Greenway
Dora Smithy
Selma Reesedale

Uncredited appearances


Batgirl: According to the police, Detective Reesedale heard a noise, went to investigate, and found you.
Catwoman: I don't make noise.

Batgirl: Well, at least why we know why she disappeared when the men did; she is a he.

Harley Quinn: (raising a device at Batgirl) Don't come any closer, or I'll... [squints] reverse... polarity?