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Gordanian Class 7

Front view of the cruiser.

The Gordanian Class-7 Cruiser was a ship in the Gordanian fleet. The Thanagarian Hro Talak made one crash into Washington to gain the trust of the people of Earth.


After killing the occupants of one of the Gordanian fleet's Class-7 Cruisers, Hro Talak had the said ship remotely controlled to attack Washington DC, Earth. At that time, a conference of world leaders was being held with Justice League secretly watching the surrounding area. Neither U.S. military's weapons nor the League were able to damage it. Just as the League regrouped to formulate a better plan to deal it, Thanagarian fleet revealed themselves by downing the Class-7 Cruiser.

Suspicious with the Thanagarians' true intentions, Batman performed an autopsy with remains of one of the downed ship's occupants and discovered that they were already dead before the fleet shot it down.

Gordanian Class-7 Cruisers are outfitted with plasma cannons and electrical field about their hull that shock and deflect anything that touch it. They also possessed a cloaking system to render themselves invisible to the naked eye.


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