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The Gordanians are a reptilian species that have had a long war with the Thanagarians. It is unknown who started the war, but it has apparently lasted for years. Their homeworld was surrounded by an impenetrable defensive line, making it almost impossible to attack the planet directly. In the hopes of conquering their homeworld, the Thanagarians built a series of wormhole bypass generators to teleport their fleet to the Gordanian homeworld, but they were stopped on Earth. During this time, the Gordanians launched a strike on Thanagar, conquering the planet.

Background information[]

In the DC Comics, the Gordanians are a race of slavers allied with the Citadel, best known for enslaving Starfire for six years before she was captured by the Psions. After she escaped and fled to Earth, the Gordanians attempted to reclaim Starfire for her sister Blackfire a number of times but were consistently repulsed by Robin and the Titans.


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