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You may also be looking for the episode "Golem".

"Galvanic Lifter Machine. G.L.M. GoLeM. It's a robot. Two stories tall, thirteen tons, and THIS JERK LOSES IT!"
Frank Watt[1]

The G.L.M., Galvanic Lifter Machine, aka GoLeM, was a construction robot. GoLeM was remotely controlled by halo-like headband.


Having been bullied by Nelson Nash too many times, Willie Watt takes his father's advice to "hit 'em where it hurts" and steals the GoLeM to interrupt Nelson and Blade's date by crushing Nelson's car. Batman electrifies it, causing its circuits to fry and a feedback loop to the control headband. The GoLeM is soon impounded.

Willie soon finds out that he has a technopathic link to the GoLeM. He tests it out on a gang of Jokerz, scaring them away. He soon uses it to get even greater revenge on Nelson when he is pushed into the water. He then turns his attention to his father, who he hated much more. When Batman intervenes, Willie then tries to kill him too. But Batman proves to be a superior opponent to the robot, throwing gas pellets in the robot's eye, stunning both it and Willie. Now even angrier than ever, Willie unleashes the GoLeM's flamethrower, causing an explosion that almost kills Frank. Batman then uses his grapplers to attach the robot to a rocket ride, which then destroys the robot completely. Willie cried over his only "friend" and the power that he had. He later finds out in juvenile hall that he had telekinetic powers.[1] He had called them a gift from the GoLeM.[2]


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