Glorious Godfrey was a sensationalist talk show host.


Glorious Gordon Godfrey used his talk show to slander the Justice League and turn the public against them. When the Flash participated in a TV commercial, Godfrey used this as a motive to convince the audience that the heroes were self-righteous and self-centered, dubbing them the "Just-Us League." Glorious Godfrey was a demagogue whose most powerful weapons were misdirection and rhetorics. He distorted facts and statements to persuade his public. His antics were successful to some extent, but when the Justice League saved the solar system, Godfrey lost all the credibility he might have had, and his show was rescheduled to 4:15 a.m. (after the farm report).

Background Information

Glorious Godfrey debuted in Forever People Vol. 1 #3 (June-July, 1971) and was created by Jack Kirby. He was an agent of Darkseid's Elite, specializing in verbal persuasion as a form of mental manipulation. He had superior rhetoric skills enhanced by a hypnotic quality, which allowed him to sway people's opinions and thoughts. Godfrey was sent to Earth to prepare the planet for Darkseid's arrival and conquest. He rounded up an army of brainwashed humans called the Justifiers, who would bring in whoever opposed Godfrey. He was thwarted by the Forever People when he was about to instigate nationwide riots. In the Legends storyline, Darkseid dispatched Godfrey to American to turn the general population against the superhero community. He went under the guise of a media figure — "G. Gordon Godfrey" — and started an anti-superhero campaign. Following a confrontation with Dr. Fate, Godfrey was left mindless and powerless.

There's no indication that the DCAU version of Godfrey shares the same origins as his DC comics' counterpart. However, at the time Godfrey was at his peak, Darkseid was dead and Apokolips was at civil war, so it is possible that Godfrey moved from Apokolips to Earth so as to establish himself there.


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