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"Like angels from Heaven? Sorry, Princess, I'm not buying it."[1]

General Wells was a cynical military general for the United States army, though his skepticism always turned out to be right.


Wells openly objected to Senator Carter's mass disarmament plan. When Superman pledged his faith to Carter's plan, Wells was the only one shown at the assembly to have still not accepted the proposal. When the Imperium invasion began, Wells blamed the military lack of success (correctly, of course, as this was the Imperium's plan) on the disarmament, and criticized their "self-proclaimed protector" on not being there in Metropolis to help.[2] Even after the collective effort of the newly formed Justice League defeated the Imperium, Wells still remained unrestful, insisting they still keep their heads up for a similar invasion in the future. It was his words that inspired Batman to fund the construction of the Watchtower.[3]

A few years later, after the Thanagarians arrived to rescue Washington DC from a Gordanian Class-7 Cruiser, General Wells remained skeptical of the intentions of their so-called "angels from Heaven", and didn't appear too surprised when they turned on the Justice League. His attempted counterattack on the Thanagarians failed badly, and he was quick to learn that not only their own but all global military bases have been shut down by their invaders.[1]


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