DC Animated Universe

General Olanic was a Kaznian warlord, fighting for the South.


A proud military man, Olanic certainly organized a better army than his opponent in the North, Nardoc. Spurred on by the words of an elderly monk, Olanic rallied his men into striking the North. He himself led the assault in his jeep. With his tanks, he easily beat back most of the rebels, but he had not counted on the Annihilator. Olanic and his men just managed to escape the jeep before the robot threw it away. He also managed to escape the battle when Wonder Woman, Hawk, and Dove arrived.

That night, back at his camp, Olanic was surprised by Hawk. It was Dove's plan to kidnap the leaders of both factions to get them to talk. It was up to Hawk to kidnap the General, but he could not take him with him, as the Northern forces, now led by Ares, attacked the encampment. With the battle raging, Olanic moved himself towards the front. For the second time, the Annihilator picked up his jeep like it was nothing, but now, instead of discarding it, the robot threatened to crush Olanic with it. Dove pulled him out in time, but he was gravely wounded and collapsed.


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