"I know they were your friends, Dr. Hodges, but you yourself said their condition was deteriorating and that they would eventually become dangerously psychotic."

General Norman was a General in the United States Military. He served as a liaison between the military and the Terrific Trio.


After a freak accident turned Michael Morgan, Mary Michaels and Stuart Lowe into the Terrific Trio formed by Magma, Freon and the 2-D Man, they quickly rose in popularity after botching a robbery and their crusade against crime was funded by the United States Military, although General Norman did not trust the Trio at all and secretly preferred to destroy them outright. Looking for the opportunity, Norman had Dr. Hodges, the Trio's confidante and best friend, keep an eye on them, and suspicions began to arise when the Trio, particularly Magma, started to rebel against their confinement. Later, Hodges analyzed a DNA sample from the Trio and found that their condition was worsening. He informed Norman of this, and Norman jumped at the chance to attack the Trio Tower and kill the Trio solely because Hodges had claimed that there was a slight possibility that it would affect their minds as well. Norman then announced the Trio's demise to a distraught Hodges with no remorse whatsoever. However, unknown to Norman, the Trio escaped the attack and began planning their revenge, only to be foiled by the new Batman. Norman's fate is left ambiguous, and it is likely he never paid for his crimes.

Background information

General Norman bears a strong facial resemblance to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Otherwise, they do not have other similarities between.


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