"Future Shock" is the fourth season premiere of Static Shock.


After helping Batman stop a criminal in control of a time machine, Static is accidentally transported forty years into the future—arriving just in time to help Terry McGinnis stop the evil Kobra cult from killing one of the world's greatest heroes, the older Static himself.

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Background information

Production Inconsistensies

  • The officers of the Gotham Police Department wear Dakota PD uniforms rather than their own grey and blue.
  • Coe leads Batman and Static into the Jokerz lair, but when the view pans over the waiting Jokerz, Coe is seen in the background.
  • Terry has trouble remembering the name of the answering machine, calling them "those things people used to have". However, it has been shown in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker that the answering machine is still in use in the 2040s.



Actor Role
Phil LaMarr Static/Virgil Hawkins
Reporter (uncredited)
Cobra (uncredited)
Jason Marsden Gear/Richie Foley
Cobra (uncredited)
Kevin Conroy Batman/Bruce Wayne
Shane Sweet Robin
Will Friedle Batman/Terry McGinnis
Seven-Five-Niner (uncredited)
Marc Worden Jokerz Gang Member
Answering machine (uncredited)
Lance Henriksen Kobra Leader
Dorian Harewood Warden

Uncredited appearances


Robin: He learned science from Nobel laureates, martial arts from kung fu masters, and manners from a crocodile.

Static: Isn't there anyone else who could help us? What about Robin?
Terry: Robin? He's... a civilian now. And the League is off near Alpha Centauri, Gear's on the other side of the planet, and your son is-
Static: SON!? Whoop! (falls off his saucer) I have a son!?
Terry: Yeah, you do. You've got a lot of surprises in store but I'm not gonna spoil any more of them.

Terry: What was Bruce like when you knew him?
Static: Taller

Virgil: They're just a bunch of clowns, that's all. (ducks a pie thrown by Spike) See? Just a bunch of- (cringes in horror when he sees the "pie" melt through the pillar it hit)
Terry: Yeah. Clowns.


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