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Funnibone Shipping

Funnibone Shipping

Funnibone Shipping was a warehouse of a shipping company whose products were joke items.


When the warehouse closed down and became derelict, the Joker and his gang used it as their hideout. During the day of the Joker's seventh anniversary, Joker's sidekick Harley Quinn decided to give the day off to the thugs Mo, Lar and Cur so that she could spend the celebration alone with her "boyfriend". Once the Joker arrived at the warehouse, Quinn emerged from a cake, but the Joker, in a bad mood, kicked her out of the building. When the Creeper appeared at the building wanting to reclaim his revenge against the Joker and get Harley for himself, the three started to fight until Batman and Robin appeared on scene to prevent the Joker from killing the Creeper. The fight continued out of the building once the Joker and Quinn escaped in a parade car and the Creeper escaped in the Jokermobile.[1]

A time later, following a failed attack on Commissioner James Gordon, the Joker began to formulate new plans at the warehouse while Harley tried to seduce him. The Joker, not eager to do anything with Quinn, kicked her out of the building, where she decided to take out Batman to make him happy. After she tied and prepared to execute Batman at an aquarium, she called the Joker to advise him of her success. At the warehouse, the Joker dismissed several of his plans, but departed quickly upon hearing Harley's news at the phone.[2]


The New Batman Adventures


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