The Center at night

The Freeman Community Center was a charitable foundation in Dakota.


The Center on Dakota's Ferris Row was run by Robert Hawkins, and kept running by charitable donations, including several large ones from Edwin Alva. From the center, Hawkins provided aid to the city's poor, the homeless, runaways and anyone else who would need his help.

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Background information

The Freeman Community Center refers to Augustus Freeman, the philanthropic alter-ego of superhero Icon. A flagship title in Milestone Comics' line-up, Icon, like fellow Milestone character Hardware, failed to appear on Static Shock due to restrictions on adult superheroes (and supervillains) imposed by the Kids WB, according to Milestone founder and writer Dwayne McDuffie; per Kids WB's dictum, the adult heroes would have needed to be reinterpreted as teenage contemporaries of Static. While this was eventually dropped and adult heroes and villains were allowed to appear on the series, neither Icon nor Hardware appeared on Static Shock.


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