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Franco Bertinelli was a powerful crime lord and the father of Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress.


Franco Bertinelli ruled a vast criminal empire, until his right-hand man, Steven Mandragora, decided to take over. Bertinelli fled with his wife and daughter to his mansion, but Mandragora was on their heels. Hoping to save her from certain death, Franco hid Helena in a closet. But she saw it all. Mandragora killed Franco and his wife, forever scarring the young girl.

Background information[]

  • In the comics, Franco Bertinelli was introduced in the Cry for Blood arc that rewrote Huntress' origin. Before that, Helena's father was Guido Bertinelli. Franco was a stern man who regularly beat his wife.
  • His appearance in Justice League Unlimited bears a striking resemblance of Tony Montana from the movie Scarface.


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