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Fortress of Solitude

The entrance of the Fortress of Solitude, leading to the computer room.

"'Fortress of Solitude'? I mean, it's not exactly lonely up here. Though I am the only Kryptonian. Lately, I'm thinking it's better we keep it that way."

The Fortress of Solitude was Superman's private hideaway and occasional headquarters. It was located in the ocean beneath the Arctic tundra.


Superman discovered the Fortress of Solitude by accident but opted to use it as his regular base of operations thereafter. In the beginning, the Fortress only contained the memory orb recovered from Brainiac, which was often used by Superman when he needed or wanted information about Krypton.

Superman later expanded the fortress to include a control room, a hall of weapons, menagerie housing animals from alien worlds, and various trophies from his previous adventures. There were also giant ice sculptures of Superman's biological mother and father, created as memorials. Besides the aforementioned decorative features, the Fortress of Solitude contained the necessary facilities and equipment to build android doubles of Superman to address crises, should Superman himself be unavailable.


Superman: The Animated Series

Batman Beyond

Static Shock

Justice League Unlimited


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