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"Performing death-defying stunts without the aid of a net, the fabulous Flying Graysons!"
Mr. Haley

The Flying Graysons

The Headline Act

The Flying Graysons were a family of acrobatic circus performers, comprised of John, Mary, and Dick Grayson. They were the headline act at Haley's Circus until John and Mary's demise at the hands of Tony Zucco.


Wayne Charities Benefit Performance

The night Dick will always remember

While Haley's Circus was in Gotham City for the Wayne Charities Benefit Performance, The Flying Graysons rehearsed their performance much to the amazement of onlookers. During Dick's part, a woman referred to him as a "real Boy Wonder". After finishing, Dick walked out and started playing with an elephant when he overheard Mr. Haley yelling at Tony Zucco, who was trying to convince him to hire him for "protection". Mr. Haley demanded he get off his property and proceeded to threaten him with a whip. Zucco warned he would regret his decision and backed straight into Dick, knocking him over, before leaving.

Shortly before the family's Benefit performance, Zucco pretended to be a worker at the circus so he could cut part way through one of the ropes for a trapeze the family would use during their act. Mr. Haley made the usual announcements before the night started and asked for a round of applause for the event's benefactor, Bruce Wayne. Before going on, Dick noticed Zucco leaving and tried to warn his parents, but was rushed on to the performance before he could finish.

Flying Graysons

The Final Performance

The family waved down at the applauding audience as they had so many times before. John swung out first, wowing the audience with his aerial feats as the rope grew ever weaker. Dick swung out to his father, then back for a small hug with his mother before she swung out. Just before she reached her husband, Dick saw the rope and yelled out, but it was too late. His father caught his mother as the rope came apart, sending them falling to their untimely deaths. Dick watched in horror amongst the cries of the audience and the familiarity felt by Bruce.

Afterwards, Dick left the circus to live with Bruce, and after learning his identity as Batman, he became his sidekick Robin.

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