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"Flash, what about the new museum? It got destroyed in the battle, and it was our biggest shrine to you. And you're our greatest hero, our greatest hope."
Linda Park

The Flash Museum in Central City was dedicated to the exploits of that city's beloved hero, The Flash. Exhibits included depictions of the various villains who have opposed The Flash, a commemoration of the Scarlet Speedster's famous charity race against Superman, and tributes to many of the other celebrated feats of the fastest man alive.

The Museum was nearly wrecked during its opening ceremonies when Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, and the Mirror Master joined forces to take revenge on The Flash. The villains were defeated by Flash with the aid of fellow Justice Leaguers Batman and Orion.


The Flash Museum has several exhibits of memorabilia celebrating the Scarlet Speedster's career.

Background information[]

In the DC Comics, the original Flash Museum was built in Central City to honor Barry Allen, the second Flash, although it was subsequently expanded to honor the various Flashes over the years. Not only does it pay tribute to the Flashes' various adventures and exploits, but it also contains equipment that the Flashes have used or encountered, including the Cosmic Treadmill. In the comics, the Museum has been destroyed a number of times for various reasons, and currently resides in Keystone City, home of Jay Garrick, the original Flash.

Teen Titans Line Up

The Teen Titans line-up.

The Kid Flash display re-uses the characters design from Tommy Tejeda's artwork for a proposed 1996 Teen Titans pitch.

Flash Legacy[]

Though Wally West is the Flash of the DCAU, and there is no mention of Barry Allen or Jay Garrick, the costume of Kid Flash and the helmet of the Golden Age Flash are on display in the museum. It is possible that a previous Flash, whether Garrick or Allen, wore a version of both the original and current Flash suits, and that Wally West was the original Kid Flash before trading up to his current alias. It is possible that Wally West was Jay Garrick's Kid Flash. However, no real clues are presented other than the appearance of the costume elements. Though the creators probably just wanted to pay tribute to the history of the Flash character, the appearance of these items brings their DCAU relevance into question—especially since an unidentified Kid Flash appeared in Teen Titans, voiced by the same actor who portrays the Wally West Flash.

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