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"Slacker! Child! Clown! We have no place among the world's greatest heroes!"

The Flash was an android replica of the Flash created by the hybrid of Lex Luthor and Brainiac.


At the height of the Cadmus Crisis, the founding members of the Justice League confronted the Luthor/Brainiac hybrid to prevent them from destroying the planet in their quest for ultimate knowledge. To hold the League at bay, they created android replicas of the Justice Lords to combat their League counterparts, among these replicas was an android replica of Flash.[1]

During his battle with the Flash, the android Flash harangued him, saying that Flash was too immature to stand among the other members of the Justice League. However, Flash countered by saying that he was worthy, and that he had a seat on the League's governing council, which he intended to paint his logo on.[1]

The android Flash was destroyed as Flash punched his arm through his chest, vibrating it at such a speed that the android overloaded and exploded, thus was the first android to be destroyed.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

The android replica Flash had the same abilities as the Flash, able to move at quick speeds to keep up with his Justice League counterpart.

Background information[]

  • The android replica's appearance is similar to the Reverse-Flash, the Flash's archnemesis in the comic universe. Their costume designs share the same base yellow color as well as inverse colors comparable to Flash's costume. His taunts also mirror Speed Demon's insults.
  • Despite the Flash's doppelganger having been executed by President Lex Luthor before the Justice Lords and the Justice League encountered one another,[2] this version features the double bands on his forearms and under his knees in keeping with the Justice Lords.[1]


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