DC Animated Universe
Flash Rogues Gallery

Four of the Flash's Rogues' gallery: (from left to right) Mirror Master, Trickster, Captain Cold, and Captain Boomerang

"My plan was solid. I mean, what's so special about a disco of death? Heck with all of them. I'm an artist, they're just robbing banks. Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang. They probably would have gone for it if I was a captain."

The Flash's Rogues' Gallery was a varied collection of costumed criminals who shared a common bond: their activities were frequently (if not in fact consistently) opposed and thwarted by the Flash.

Many of the Rogues were relatively minor-league criminals, given to performing bank robberies, hijackings and the like. What made them a threat was that they generally utilized advanced weaponry of some kind, usually in keeping with the theme of their individual costumed identities. Compared to similar criminal fraternities like Batman's collection of enemies, the Rogues of the Flash were noticeably social and liked to congregate regularly in friendly gatherings in costume as circumstances permitted. Some few of the Rogues, such as Grodd, became greater threats by virtue of their correspondingly greater abilities and ambitions.


These individuals were generally numbered among the Flash's Rogues:

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