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Felix Faust was a practitioner of dark magic, a pursuit that cost him his university teaching job and ultimately his soul.


A famous professor of archaeology, Faust began to dabble in the mystic arts. When his peers learned of his extracurricular activities, Faust was shunned from academic circles. He vowed revenge and spent his time going deeper into the dark magics. Eventually, all the people that mocked him went missing in mysterious circumstances.

Faust managed to come into contact with the Greek god of the Underworld, Hades, who was currently banished to the Pits of Tartarus. Living up to his namesake, Faust made a deal with Hades: in exchange for freeing the god, Faust would receive ultimate knowledge from him.

During his search to free Hades, Faust traveled to Themyscira and petrified the Amazons while he got the first relic that, when joined together with the rest, would form a key of sorts that would open the gates to the Pit.

Faust found and blackmailed Wonder Woman into searching the world for the rest of the relics in exchange for freeing her mother and "sisters", as there were dangerous guardians which protect the key pieces. However, Hades was manipulating Faust the whole time and when he was briefly free, he bestowed his own brand of ultimate knowledge to Faust—pain and suffering—and aged him tremendously. When Hades was returned to the Pit, Faust disintegrated into dust and was sucked in as well.

His former student Tala cast a spell to extract Faust's spirit that was writhing at the gates of Tartarus, close to extinguishing, and imprisoned him in a mirror. He bode his time and used the acquisition of the Annihilator as a window to escape and get his revenge on Hades using the Annihilator, causing an imbalance in the supernatural order, felt by the League's magical members. Faust immerses himself in ancient, forbidden knowledge in Hades' library, planning on spending all eternity (or at least 5 millennia) reading them. However, Wonder Woman was alerted by the gods and, along with Shayera Hol, destroyed the Annihilator, leaving only a tiny little portion of Faust's soul remaining. Hades announced that he would spend the next few millennia torturing it, to which Diana and Shayera raised no objection.

Powers and abilities[]

Faust is a sorcerer with many magical abilities at his disposal, which made him a rival to both the Justice League founders and even damage Hades to certain extent.

  • Magic: Faust could project energy blasts, conjure and move objects, manipulate earth and plants, and contact beings through viewing portal. He also possessed a talisman that let him turn people into stone with a special incantation
  • Extensive knowledge of magic: Faust spent most of his life studying magical artifacts and manuscripts. He could modify magical objects, such as eliminate the Annihilator's main weakness.


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