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The title of this article is conjectural.
This subject has no canonical name in the DCAU. Please see the reasons in the section below.

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Fastball was a member of Cadre, and later of Grodd's Legion of Doom.


Fastball was among the group of supervillains who ran afoul of Superman and Batman in Metropolis. He donned an exoskeleton, gloves and requisite wrist bands to pitch explosive spheres and other sports themed gimmicks. However, he wasn't skilled as a fighter, and was quickly defeated by Batman. Fastball later joined the ranks of the Legion of Doom. Later, Fastball sided with Grodd in his attempt to seize back control. He was held by Lex Luthor as a shield. Then, Fastball tried to kill Evil Star with his bombs. Eventually, the villain was frozen solid by Killer Frost who betrayed him and the others.

Background information[]

The depicted subject bears the likeness of Fastball from the DC Comics; however, the DCAU character was never named on-screen, or otherwise. The title of this article is conjecture based on the character's likeness.

John Malone was once a baseball player from Tampa, Florida, who was expelled from his team. Acting as a freelance assassin, Fastball was later targeted by OMACs and murdered.


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