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"You think my face looks bad? Wait till I'm done with yours."

Falseface was an agent for hire capable of changing his identity by manually molding his face.


Falseface was hired by Kobra to smuggle a deadly super virus to Gotham City. He concealed the glass container in Nelson Nash's bag at Saint Denis, where the virus was developed. When Nelson arrived at Gotham, Falseface posed as a customs officer and confiscated the vial, delivering it to Kobra One.

He then broke in Gotham Plastics and opened the gates for Kobra. Falseface then learned that Kobra was going to coat millions of cred cards with the virus, so as to achieve mass contamination. Little did Falseface know, he had been secretly infected with the virus as Kobra's contingency plan in case things went awry. When Batman and Stalker raided the factory, Falseface made a run for it, but not before being pelted with one of Stalker's phosphorus grenades.


Falseface succumbs to Kobra's virus.

The grenade had made Falseface highly noticeable to Stalker, who managed to track him down shortly after and informed about the situation. Unconvinced of Stalker's warning, Falseface stunned him and ran away. He then assumed the appearance of Nelson Nash, in an attempt to mingle with the crowd, unaware that this identity was very conspicuous to Batman. With a firm slug, Falseface was disfigured. He took on the Batman, shocking him with his taser, and the two dove off a couple of stories into a laundry room. Falseface set the place ablaze and walloped Batman with a stick. Batman turned the tables on him, but the building quickly started to crumble.

As Batman found himself trapped under the rubble, Falseface drew closer to deliver the final blow. However, the virus started to take its toll, and Falseface was overwhelmed with excruciating pain as Batman told him it was the virus. Realizing he had been betrayed and used by Kobra, he ran, but did not make it far, though. As he succumbed outside the building, where he was found by his pursuers, but his further fate remains unknown.

Powers and abilities[]

Falseface had the ability to change the shape and coloration of his face at will through some unknown power or technique. He had enough precision to perfectly match others' faces, as shown when he imitated Nelson Nash well enough that Batman's only hint that it was Falseface was that he had known the two had met and that Falseface was hiding nearby and would want a disguise.


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