Batman rogue
Fake Harley
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: Joker
Rogue of: Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing
Voiced by: Maggie Wheeler

"Fake Harley", as she was called by the Joker, was a temporary replacement for Harley Quinn during the time when Joker had seemingly become a millionaire.


Fake Harley was the winner of an audition for a replacement of the actual Harley Quinn, who Joker had neglected to post bail for as hiring a new one was cheaper. He declared her the winner upon observing her very curvaceous form, although he was disgruntled to discover she had a very annoying voice and laugh (and had a tendency to pronounce "Mr. J" as "Mr. G"). She apparently decided to take the job purely based upon Joker's new fortune.

When Joker found out he owed taxes to the IRS, Fake Harley was put to work running through the hundred dollar bills he had remaining and was the first to notice that the money looked odd. Upon examination Joker realized that the money was fake, counterfeited by Edward "King" Barlowe. When attempting to decide upon a next course of action, Fake Harley didn't help his mood very much where, after asking if she had any ideas, she merely responded with "Anything you say, Mr. G", followed by an irritating laugh. This almost drove Joker in rage to shoot her in the head when her back was turned, although his right-hand man Ernie stopped him.

When Joker decided to steal money from the Gotham Mint in order to pay off his debt, Fake Harley was given the job of driving the transport boat whilst commenting that it wasn't in the job description. After Batman, Batgirl and Nightwing stopped the theft, Fake Harley was unmasked and apprehended by the Gotham Police, with her protesting to her escort officers that she thought her involvement was just an "equity gig".


The New Batman Adventures

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