Evil Star is a super villain with a star on his head. Gorilla Grodds expanded Secret Society. Evil Star remained with the Society even after Lex Luthor took over. During the Society's mutiny, he was one of the few villains who stayed loyal to Luthor. During the fight he was seen fighting Fastball. After Luthor's side prevailed, Evil Star tried one last time to bring back Brainiac with Tala's magic. But, Tala conjured up Darkside. Evil Star survived Darkside's explosion of the Headquarters, thanks to Sinestro and Star Shapphire's shield that saved all those loyal to Luthor. The remaining Legion then returned to Earth to warn the Justice League of Darkside's ressurection. Evil Star and Luthor's forces then agreed to help the Justice League defeat Darkside. After Darkside was defeated, the villains got a five minute head start before being tracked down. Evil Star ran off with them and was never seen again. It is unknown what became of him.

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