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Evil Star is a supervillain with a star on his head. He was a member of Gorilla Grodd's expanded Secret Society, also known as the Legion of Doom, remaining with the Legion even after Lex Luthor took over.


Prior to his membership in the Secret Society, Evil Star was a contender in Roulette's Meta-Brawl and unsuccessfully tried to stop Green Arrow and Black Canary from shutting down the cage fights. Later joining Gorilla Grodd's expanded Secret Society, Evil Star was present during Lex Luthor's introduction to the organization. When Luthor's mind was accidentally switched with the Flash's, Evil Star — referred to by Flash-as-Luthor as "Evil Head Guy"—was asked what his part in Luthor's train robbery plan was. In a brief speaking part, Evil Star replied that he had no part in the plan.

During Grodd's mutiny, Evil Star was one of the few villains who stayed loyal to Luthor, fighting Grodd's supporters including Fastball and Parasite. During the battle, Evil Star demonstrated his powers of flight and energy blasts. In the aftermath of the destruction of the Society's headquarters and death of most of its members, Evil Star knocked out Lightray of the New Gods with a fiery blast, allowing the survivors to return to Earth. Aiding in the defeat of Darkseid and his invading forces, Evil Star was last seen fleeing among the villains given a "five-minute headstart" by Batman.

Background information

Evil Star's real name in the comics is not known. He was a scientist on the planet Auron who invented the Starband, a device of great power. It granted him immortality but in the process made him warped and evil, making the rest of his people jealous and scared of him. When his people tried to kill him, Evil Star annihilated his whole race. He then became an galactic criminal who frequently fought Green Lantern.

Evil Star's name was confirmed with the 2011 release of a Mattel action figure bearing his likeness.


Justice League Unlimited

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