Energy disruptor

Lex Luthor takes aim.

The Energy disruptor, also called a Power Disruptor was a weapon invented by Lex Luthor that had the ability to deprive beings of their powers.


This device seemingly worked on any kind of super-powered being, regardless of whether they were born with their abilities, or if something else was the source, such as the Green Lantern's power ring. It was first seen as one of Luthor's attempts to defeat the Justice League, but just before it fired, Flash dismantled it and subdued Luthor. Much later, Superman struck a bargain with Luthor to use it on the Justice Lords in return for being set free and granted a full pardon for his criminal actions; he even used his superhuman speed in order to help him rebuild the device in time. With it, Luthor single-handedly brought down the Justice Lords. After they were defeated and weakened, Luthor voiced his desire to use the weapon on the League's Superman, but instead, he honored their earlier agreement and handed the weapon over to Superman and the League as he went free. The disruptor was stored in a high-security vault in the Watchtower II.


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