Elkhorn was a town in the Oklahoma territory.


After the civil war, Elkhorn was a booming mining town. Ohiyesa Smith, the sheriff of Elkhorn, had frequent run-ins with Tobias Manning. However, after being chased out of town one day, he came back with future technology. With the help of David Clinton's time traveling belt, Manning took over the town and ran it like his personal kingdom. He treated townspeople like his slaves, and ran the sheriff out of town.

With the help of Batman, Wonder Woman, John Stewart, Bat Lash, El Diablo and Jonah Hex, Ohiyesa eventually defeated Manning.

Background information

Elkhorn was the hometown of Ohiyesa, located somewhere in the West. The bushwhacker at the beginning of Weird Western Tales places this version of Elkhorn in Oklahoma—though, technically, that state didn't exist yet in 1879. In 1879, that area was still known as the Indian Territory.


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