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Eldon Michaels was the original writer of Sentries of the Last Cosmos.


Michaels wrote Sentries, but he had a dispute with the game's producer, Simon Harper, who did not want to share the profits. Michaels sued him so he would get at least some royalties, at least 20 percent, but Harper wouldn't have it. Michaels was just trying to get paid for his work, and had no idea that the fan worship Harper had received had drove him to delusion. He even used his newfound riches to finance his own Sentries.

Michaels Work

The original story written by Michaels.

To his sentries, Harper portrayed Michaels as "the Dark Regent", the villain in the Sentries game. They kidnapped Michaels and brought him to Sentrycroft, where Harper was keen on killing him. Michaels tried pleading for his life—by offering to lower his royalties demand to 15 percent—but Harper still said no. Batman prevented bloodshed by giving the original script of the game to the Sentries.

The sentries—actually just regular fans Corey Cavalieri, Burfid and Dempsey—later returned the script to Michaels' apartment, and asked him to explain everything about the game. Eldon instantly liked the idea, and invited them in.[1]

After Harper's arrest, Michaels took over the helm of the franchise. Unfortunately, some fans consider his additions to be terrible.[2]


Batman Beyond


  • Michaels visually resembles George Lucas, creator of Star Wars.


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