Elaine Grasso was Donny Grasso's mother.


Elaine was considerably more caring about her son than her husband, who did not love his family in the least. She knew that the source of Donny's bad life was the lack of love from his father, and tried her best to heal Donny's mental wounds, but by this time, her husband had effectively become her master, and always ordered her to keep out of the rows with Donny. Donny finally ran away from home, and Elaine was obviously upset about this, in stark contrast to her abusive husband, who was actually happy their son was gone. When Terry McGinnis and Maxine Gibson went to the Grasso home to inquire about Donny, Elaine offered to help them find him, but Don came into the room and angrily ordered Elaine to go into the kitchen. Don went on to request that Terry and Max remind Donny not to return if they saw him.


Batman Beyond

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