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"El Diablo, ever at the service of justice."

El Diablo (Spanish, "The Devil") was a vigilante in the late 1800s.


El Diablo donned a mask and cape to fight criminals and assist the law whenever possible. In 1879, he was one of several heroes, along with Bat Lash and Jonah Hex, who assisted Sheriff Ohiyesa Smith in overthrowing Tobias Manning's control of the Oklahoma town of Elkhorn. In this, they were also aided by three time-traveling members of the future Justice League.

Abilities and equipment[]

El Diablo was an expert fighter and an agile acrobat. He was especially adept with a bullwhip, which he used both as a weapon and a means of quick movement.

Background information[]

There are two characters named El Diablo in the DC comics universe.

  • One is Lazarus Lane, who first appeared in All-Star Western in 1970. This El Diablo was a bank teller who fell into a coma after being struck by lightning, and re-awakened as a vigilante. In some versions, he is said to be the host for a minor demon who acts as a spirit of vengeance, similar to Etrigan or the Crimson Avenger.
  • The second El Diablo is Rafael Sandoval, created in 1989 and featured in a comic taking place in modern-day Texas. This El Diablo is a city councilman who becomes frustrated with bureaucracy and corruption in the city government and police force, and so creates a vigilante persona to pursue justice. This El Diablo has occasionally worked with the modern-day Justice League, recruited by Barbara Gordon.
  • The animated El Diablo appears to be based on the Lane character, though his costume and weapons are also heavily influenced by that of Zorro.


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