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Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (born November 30, 1918 in New York, New York - May 2, 2014 in Solvang, California) was the voice of Alfred Pennyworth in the DCAU. He is the father of Stephanie Zimbalist. Coincidentally, he shares a birthday with Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman. Zimbalist died from natural causes at the age of 95.

DCAU filmography[]

Batman: The Animated Series

Feature film

The New Batman Adventures

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Superman: The Animated Series

Static Shock

Justice League

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Background information[]

Zimbalist's most famous roles are that of private investigator Stuart Bailey on 77 Sunset Strip, and Inspector Lewis Erskine in the television series The F.B.I.. This role was referenced in the 1989 Secret Origins of the World's Greatest Superheroes story "The Man Who Falls", when Bruce tried out for the FBI, but was rejected because he was a bad shot. In addition to doing the voice of Alfred on Batman: The Animated Series, he played the villain Dr. Octopus in the 1994 animated series Spider-Man. In a fitting twist, he also starred in the 1990 live-action Zorro television series as Don Alejandro de la Vega - the father of the titular character who served as an inspiration for Batman’s creation.

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