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[[Category:Static rogues|Alva, Edwin]]
[[Category:Static rogues|Alva, Edwin]]
[[Category:White Collar Criminals|Alva, Edwin]]
[[Category:White Collar Criminals|Alva, Edwin]]

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The owner and head of Alva Industries, Edwin Alva was responsible for creating the “Big Bang” gas that turned the teenagers at the docks into “Bang Babies.”

While never admitting responsibility for the gas or attempting to right his wrongs, Alva did hold a grudge against Static after he attempted to expose Alva. Despite his best efforts, Alva never captured or figured out Static’s secret identity.

Alva was never known for being close to his son, but when his son exposed himself to the Big Bang gas and became known as “Omnifarious,” Alva’s son overdosed on his Bang Baby pellets and turned himself to stone.

Alva eventually reversed his son's condition through the utilization of other Bang Babies' powers. Despite trying to use Rubberband Man, Talon and Gear as his test subjects, Hotstreak and Static stopped him. When Static found out that this was all to get Alva’s son back to normal, Static offered to use his powers to reverse Alva’s son’s condition. Not to be outdone by a rival, Hotstreak joined Static, and together, they were able to turn Alva’s son back to normal. Regaining his son, Alva dropped his vendetta against Static; ironically not long after however, Alva's terminated agent, Dr. Roberts, successfully learned Static's secret identity.

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