DC Animated Universe

Thousands of Years ago[]

More than 50,000 years ago[]

  • The Dark Heart is constructed as a weapon of war. "It's builders launched it at a whole other planet like a cruise missile. It ate an entire planet, and it followed its programming: reproduce, go to the next occupied planet, reproduce." (JLU: Dark Heart)

Over 25,000 years ago[]

Savage rises

Vandal Savage Rises.

  • An early Cro-Magnon, later to take the name Vandal Savage, watches with his tribe as a meteor lands before them. While his fellows cowered in fear, he approached the strangely glowing rock. Finding warmth in the glow, he curled up and slept next to it. Over time, he came to realize that the meteors rays had granted him immortality.(JL: Maid of Honor)

The Ophidians

Unknown Time period[]

  • Long ago, before writing, before cities, Mankind wages war with the moon-worshipping reptilian race, the Ophidians. After years of struggle, the tides were in favor of humans, with the Ophidians mostly dead and wiped out. In a final desperate attempt to avenge the fallen, the final remaining Ophidians create the Heart of Darkness, a weapon that will possess any who touch it with vengeful spirits intent to destroy humanity. the weapon is promptly sealed away in a temple and guarded by humans for millennia. (JL: Eclipsed)

    Poseidon, first king of Atlantis.

  • Thousands of years before it sank beneath the waves, Atlantis was ruled by sorcerer kings. During these times, Atlantis (along with most of the ancient world) found itself under attack by extra dimensional beings called the Old Ones. The Old Ones nearly destroyed humanity as they prepared the way for Ichthultu, the most powerful of them all. Channeling almost all of the ambient mystical energy on earth, King Poseidon forged a Trident capable of banishing the Old Ones. However, the price was high as the same mystic energy Poseidon used to defeat the Old Ones also powered the spells that prevented Atlantis from falling beneath the ocean. Having saved the world, the king doomed the Atlantean people to a life beneath the sea. (JL: The Terror Beyond)

Circa 6600 BC[]

  • Two Thanagarian law officers, Katar and Chay-Ara Hol fall into a wormhole and crash in Ancient Egypt. With their ship out of fuel and no other way to get home they opt to use their knowledge of advanced technology to improve the lives of the locals as best they can. (JLU: Shadow of the Hawk)

Circa 1000 B.C.[]

Hades Titans

Hades makes a deal with the Titans to betray the Gods.

  • 3,000 years ago, a young Amazon warrior named Hippolyta fell in love with Lord Hades. When war broke out between the Olympian Gods and the Titans, Hades struck a treasonous bargain with the enemy, hoping to be given dominion over all humanity in exchange for handing over Mount Olympus. Hades tricked Hippolyta into opening the gates of Olympus for the Titans, resulting in a battle so fierce the Muses still sing of it thousands of years later. The Gods fought back, and eventually prevailed. As punishment for his treachery, Zeus cast Hades into the pit of Tartarus, where he would rule over the dead for all eternity. Hippolyta was charged with guarding the gates for all eternity as penance for her unwitting role in his plot. The only key was broken up and scattered across the globe. (JL: Paradise Lost)

6th century[]


Camelot under siege.

  • During the reign of King Arthur, a young man named Jason Blood attempts to betray Camelot to Morgaine Le Fey. His deception is discovered by Merlin, and he is bonded to the demon known as Etrigan.
  • Also, it is believed that the Shining Knight came from this period. (JLU: Patriot Act)

10th century[]

To Another Shore

Prince Jon and the Valkyrie.

  • Early in the 10th century, Prince Jon a Scandinavian warrior of great renown, know throughout the world as "The Viking Prince" stood alone on a frozen battlefield as the sole survivor of a bloody conflict. It was then that he met a Valkyrie, taking the souls of the fallen warriors to Valhalla. Jon and the Valkyrie fell in love, though when Odin, king of the Norse Gods discovered the affair he banished Jon from Valhalla. After Jon pleas with Odin to allow him to be reunited with his love, Odin agrees to allow Jon into the Halls of Valhalla on the condition that he die a heroic death. However, out of cruelty Odin gifts Jon invulnerability from harm by metal, wood, fire and water, preventing Jon from achieving his goal. After many years traveling the world, fighting many battles, searching for his heroic death Jon eventually tires of the endless bloodshed and having grown distant from humanity sails into the frozen north, where he passed out of living memory. (JLU: To Another Shore)

11th century[]

Martian Imperium war

The Imperium's forces on Mars.

  • The Martians fight a war against the Imperium, culminating in the destruction of the Martian civilization. Only one Martian, named J'onn J'onzz, survives. (JL: Secret Origins)
  • Having served as a predecessor to the Green Lantern Corps, the Manhunters are reprogrammed for lesser dutie (tracking, hunting and guarding) as the Guardians of Oa begin to realize they're incapable of understanding the subtle gradations of good and evil. While they never objected out loud, the Manhunters ended up holding a grudge for 1,000 years. (JL: In Blackest Night)

15th century[]

  • 500 years ago, a martial arts master learned how to manipulate ki lines and developed the Kiba No Hoko fighting style, referred to in the west as "Way of the Fang". However, it was such an efficient and terrible fighting art that the master decided it was too dangerous to teach. So the master hid the only copy of the instruction scroll in one of the thousand caves on the slopes of Mt. Kajiki, telling no one, but his eldest son.

16th century[]

Apokolips and New Genesis exchange sons

Apokolips and New Genesis exchange sons.

17th century[]


19th century[]


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The Once and Future Thing Part One

The Justice League in 1879.

Duvall pleads

Arkady Duvall pleads with Jonah Hex