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"Duped" is the tenth episode of the second season of Static Shock. It originally aired April 27, 2002.


In a music store, a new metahuman named Replikon is starting a fuss. Rubberband Man is also in the store and recognizes him. It turns out they were in business together once. Replikon runs off with Static and Rubberband Man chasing after him, but they lose him.

Later, Adam Evans calls Virgil's house and asks if he can have his new CD back. Virgil takes it to him and finds out that A.J. McLean, a member of the Backstreet Boys, and Adam are going to sign a deal together. Virgil promises not to tell anyone A.J. is in town.

A little while later, however, Virgil lets his secret slip to Richie. Soon afterwards, Richie tells Daisy and Frieda. They put this on the school's website and the news spreads fast. Soon the street in front of the music studio is filled with fans. A.J. and Adam sneak out a back way but are seen. RB Man tries to hold off the fans for a little while, and that's when Static shows up to save A.J. Replikon hears about the deal and kidnaps A.J., impersonating him. The fake A.J. breaks off the deal and tries to have a deal signed with Marvin Roper—Replikon himself. Static figures out it isn't really A.J. and saves the real one. Later, Adam Evans signs the deal with A.J., already becoming a star.


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Production inconsistencies[]

  • When Frieda, Daisy, Virgil and Richie are on the school website, Frieda says the article just used N'Sync as an example. However, the guys that Frieda mentioned are from the Backstreet Boys.


  • Replikon resembles his voice actor, Coolio.
  • Replikon transforms into a purple werewolf with yellow eyes to try to devour A.J. MacLean, similar to the bang baby in the electronics store in the episode "Aftershock".


Actor Role
Phil LaMarr Static/Virgil Hawkins
Jason Marsden Richie Foley
Michele Morgan Sharon Hawkins
Kenny Blank Joe
Coolio Replikon/Marvin Roper
Kadeem Hardison Rubberband Man/Adam Evans
Danica McKellar Frieda Goren
Crystal Scales Daisy Watkins
Tia Texada Rita Velasquez
Malcolm-Jamal Warner Lester Biggs
A.J. McLean Himself

Uncredited appearances[]


Rita Velasquez: Lester, we have a big problem here. What if they wreck the studio? Think of the expense. Think of the lawsuits.
A.J.: Think of the publicity! “In Dakota today, A.J. McLean and his new discovery Adam Evans were surrounded by devoted fans”.
Rita Velasquez: (after a moment) Lester, cancel the 911 call, but send a photographer over.

Replikon: Yo, Backstreet Bum. Good news — Lester Biggs is going to sign Marvin Roper, me, to an overall deal. Mansions, super-stretch limos — I'm movin' way up on you!
A.J.: Yeah — to a penthouse prison cell.
Replikon: Ah ha ha! He's just a funny pop star. After I get through with you, you won't be laughing.
A.J.: Is that right?