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Dr. Wakati was a reclusive scientist, the father of quantum temporal theory.


Wakati did private research on time disruption from his mansion in Cranston Estates. His hopes were to use time disruption for beneficial purposes, such as suspending the lives of the terminally ill until proper treatment could be done.

Wakati and Fugate

Wakati shows his temporal experiments to his butler "Harold".

This may have been due to the fact that he was aging and required medicine which was administered by his butler. In actuality, Temple Fugate, the Clock King, had taken the butler job under the alias "Harold" in order to spy on Dr. Wakati and check his progress. Eventually, Fugate stole the technology for his misuse, while administering heavy doses of Dr. Wakati's medicine in order to get him to black out as he went off the carry out his vendetta against Mayor Hill.

When Dr. Wakati learned the truth, Fugate froze him with one of is own time-slowing devices. Batman and Robin found him and set him free, and realized that Fugate was planning to kill Mayor Hill. As their only hope to stop him, Batman ordered Dr. Wakati to show them how to use his temporal displacement devices to get there in time. Once Fugate was thwarted, Dr. Wakati regretfully realized his life's work could be abused, and decided not to publicize his temporal displacement experiments until the world was ready for it.


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