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Dove was recruited to the new Justice League. He was the brother of fellow teammate Hawk.


Don (Dove)

Don Hall.

Hawk and Dove were summoned by Wonder Woman, during a bar fight, to go on a mission to Kaznia. After failing to bring down the Annihilator, Dove went to capture the Northern faction leader, while Hawk went after the Southern, thus forcing them together to talk things through. However, Ares was posing as the Northern leader and captured Dove. He was strapped to the Annihilator's chest and was sent in an attack on the Southern forces. Dove was promptly rescued by his brother Hawk. Together they try to fight off both sides. When Wonder Woman realized that the Annihilator was fueled by violence and rage, Dove confronted it by relinquishing aggression, which deprived the creature of its energy-source.

Dove took part in several of the League's missions: he fought off Mordru, the army of Ultimen aboard the Watchtower and the Apokolips invasion.


Despite working as a duo, the brothers have radically differing methods and attitudes towards violence. Dove is the pacifist of the duo; he believes that education is the solution of the majority of conflicts, while his brother believes that; the answer is aggression. His philosophies are incorporated; into his combat style; which is more defensive, employing Aikido-esque and Judo-esque styles and use his opponents' swings against them, whereas his brother used more offensive tactics. Hawk had stated that; he and Dove ran away from home numerous times as kids, but Dove would always "wuss out and run home to momma".

Background information[]

Dove first appeared alongside his brother Hawk in Showcase #75. They were both created by Steve Ditko and Steve Skeates. Don Hall was a liberal and pro-active pacifist superhero, unlike his brother who was more violence driven and reactionary. His pacifist nature is also the embodiment of his bird iconography, which depicts the dove as a symbol of peace. When the godlike entity "Voice" imbued him with superhuman powers, Dove became the embodiment of his own philosophies. The costumed duo possessed enhanced strength and speed. They had their own title, "The Hawk and the Dove", which ran for six issues from 1968 to 1969, but Dove met his demise in 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths series. Hawk and Dove worked as a yin and yang — they needed each other to balance their extreme natures. Dove worked as a restraining conduit to Hank's aggressive nature, without which he would go berserk.


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