Donny Grasso was a student of Hamilton Hill High School, before he ran away.


Donny was an angry, confused, rebellious teenager from a lower working-class family. While his mother tried her best, Donny and his father did not get along well. Donny had frequent run-ins with the police, which angered his father even more. Fed up with his life, Donny ran off. He was eventually taken in by Spellbinder, whose virtual technology equipment could satisfy Donny's desires of stardom, acceptance, and popularity. In return, Donny was forced to beg and steal credit cards.

As Donny became more violent, Batman became aware of it, and the plot behind it. Donny escaped from Batman after a wild and dangerous chase across the highway, and Spellbinder rewarded him for it. Later, Donny and Kip were ordered to bring more fresh teenagers to Spellbinder, and they set their mind on Max. After a brief fight with Terry, Donny fled back to Spellbinder's lair. The increased serotonin values that were a side effect of the VR Room caused Donny to slowly collapse.

He was most likely treated along with all the other runaways due to doctors having studied Spellbinder's VR technology after Batman apprehended him.


Batman Beyond

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