Dr. Donald Tannor was an unscrupulous scientist and the co-founder of the Sorben Institute.


As a mediocre scientist at best, Donald Tannor made his living stealing ideas from other people. This worked for some time, but the ride came to an abrupt end when he tried to steal the inductance controller from Bucky and take credit for it at the Innovation Awards. Bucky, having used that same device to take control of Zeta, forced him to confess to a live audience that he had stolen not only the Controller, but all of his ideas, and finally that he was "a parasite". After this moment, Tannor's credibility was ruined.[1]

Tannor later ran a spa for the elderly that promised to reverse their aging process to their peak using a special machine. However, the first patients devolved into man-apes, so Tannor had to call in Bucky's parents to fix it, only for the next batch to regress into toddlers, including themselves. Tannor had no choice but to call in Bucky, holding his parents hostage. Bucky did came, bringing Zeta and Ro along but they were captured. Tannor ordered Bucky to fix the machine while he destroyed Zeta. Unfortunately, Bucky's parents accidentally damaged the machine, regressing them further until Zeta is able to stop it. But the destruction of the machine threatened to destroy the entire complex, as it was built over geothermal taps. Growing more furious at Bucky, Tannor attempted to kill him only to be stopped by Zeta. Tannor then escapes the compound on a bus, accidentally loaded with children.[2]


The Zeta Project


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