Dolores Vale was one of the scientists working on She-Bang. With her husband, they adopted her and fled the company.


Jonathan and Dolores Vale worked for Ashton Biotechnics, trying to find a way for living cells to absorb energy more efficiently by bypassing the metabolic process. When it turned out to be a failure, the Doctors Vale left, but another doctor, Dr. Koenig, continued, and experimented on himself.

They moved to another project. They were building a human being from scratch: every gene, every chromosome was lab-engineered. She was given enhanced strength and agility. But the company wanted more. They saw it as a blueprint for millions; the Doctors Vale only saw a daughter. They took her and fled.

They eventually made their way to Dakota, where they wanted Shenice to lead a quiet life. But with her true nature, she could not live the life of a shy teenager. She was different, and this was noticed; a mercenary was sent by the company, but Static and She-Bang captured him. When the FBI rounded up his bosses, they could lead a somewhat normal life in witness protection.

Shenice lost her parents again when they disappeared while attending a meeting in Dakota. Their old colleague, doctor Koenig, had become an unstoppable behemoth needing help. But none of the remedies they tried worked; "Heavyman" could not be saved.


Static Shock

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