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Doctor Polaris
Doctor Polaris
Species: Metahuman
Eyes: Black
Affiliations: Legion of Doom
Rogue of: Justice League
Abilities: Magnetokinesis
Voiced by: Michael Rosenbaum (uncredited)

Doctor Polaris was an ambitious member of Grodd's Legion of Doom.


Doctor Polaris aided Lex Luthor and the Key when they broke into Blackhawk Island. Doctor Polaris controlled Hawkgirl's mace and tried to kill Fire, but she heated him hot enough to render his magnetism useless. Eventually, Luthor took Doctor Polaris and the Key back from the heroes by threatening to kill Chuck. Later, Doctor Polaris grew angry at Lex Luthor's leadership, and was prepared to revolt against Lex. This happened the same time the Flash and Lex accidentally traded brains. While on a train heist in Kaznia, the Legion discovered what happened and prepared to kill Flash (in Luthor's body). However, at this moment, Lex's and Flash's mind were reexchanged. Polaris remarked that he did not care, and prepared to kill Luthor and take over as leader of the Legion anyway. However, as Lex had used his scientific genius to enhance the powers of Polaris (and several other Legion members), he also added a fail-safe measure so nobody could turn their newly augmented abilities against him. Simply by pressing a button on his belt, Luthor turned Polaris' own power against him and trapped him in metal. Upon releasing his own bonds, Lex then got up and he and several other supervillains stood over Polaris, as Lex prepared to kill him. The final fate of Polaris is unknown.

Background information

In the comics, Doctor Polaris (Dr. Neal Emerson) was a villain of Green Lantern. Though he describes his powers as "ferrokinetic" in "I Am Legion", his powers have always been (and are portrayed in the series) magnetokinetic: He can control magnetic fields, not metal itself. Ferrokinesis is the mastery of metal itself, like Queen.


Justice League Unlimited

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