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Doctor Polaris was an ambitious member of Grodd's Legion of Doom.


Doctor Polaris broke into Blackhawk Island, alongside Lex Luthor and the Key in their assignment to find the Spear of Longinus.[1]

After Luthor took over the Legion, Polaris grew disgruntled at his leadership. Unbeknownst to everyone, the Flash and Luthor had accidentally swapped brains, so "Luthor"'s odd behavior only exacerbated Polaris's distaste of him even further. Eventually the Legion discovered what happened and when they prepared to kill the Flash (in Luthor's body), their brains were swapped back to normal. Polaris decided to kill Luthor anyway and take over as leader of the Legion. However, Luthor triggered the fail-safe measures he had secretly installed in Polaris's enchantments and turned his own power against him, trapping him in metal shards.

The final fate of Doctor Polaris is unknown.[2]

Background information[]

In the comics, Doctor Polaris (Dr. Neal Emerson) was a villain of Green Lantern. Though he describes his powers as "ferrokinetic" in "I Am Legion", his powers have always been (and are portrayed in the series) magnetokinetic: He can control magnetic fields, not metal itself. Ferrokinesis is the mastery of metal itself, like Queen.


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