Doctor Odium was a former National Biotech Authority scientist, now working against them.


Odium was brought in the NBA for his expertise on the fields of bio-tactical artificial intelligence and robotics. He proved to be the most brilliant of the Association's scientists, and felt the rest just held him back. When the government denied him further funding to test his nanites on humans, he left.

He eventually perfected his nanites, making them controllable. As an act of revenge, he planned to extort the NBA; a hundred million dollars, or he would unleash his nanites. He planned to inject them into the old oil fields of North Los Angeles, but needed a compressor to pump them to the required depth. He made a nanite creature that stole one from a train, kidnapping Gear in the process.

Odium recognized a lot of himself in Gear, but when Gear refused to cooperate, Odium used the Shock Vox to lure Static and the Hoop Squad into a trap. They escaped, and traced Odium back to the Glometco Oil Fields. There, the Odium they fought was not the actual Doctor Odium, but a nanite duplicate. While the Hoop Squad fought the nanites, Static reversed the compressor, stopping the nanites. Gear then found the actual Odium, who was hiding in a cryo-tube.


Static Shock

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