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Doctor Light was a member of the expanded Justice League.


Like many other superheroes, Doctor Light joined the Justice League following the Thanagarian invasion. She participated in many large battles, including against Amazo's return and the Dark Heart. Her ability to fly in space also allowed her to rescue Superman when he was adrift unconscious outside the Watchtower.

One of the missions in which she participated in was attempting to subdue several Legion of Doom members during their train heist, in which she used her powers to track the hard light radiation leading them to the stolen train. A fight then broke out, with the Legion of Doom members escaping but abandoning the money.

Doctor Light was also present during the death of Ace, where she helped take down the Royal Flush Gang.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Her powers are based on light manipulation. She can cast light as destructive lasers and also has the ability to fly. Her powers also enable her to operate safely unaided in air-restricted environments such as the vacuum of space.

Background information[]

  • Doctor Light's origin in the comics is closely tied to the DC comics 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline so it is unlikely that her DCAU backstory is the same. Her name is Kimiyo Hoshi, an antisocial supervising astronomer studying the effects of the Crisis with other male astronomers. Disgusted by the men's fear, she told them to leave so she could study the events alone. The Monitor knew the evil Anti-Monitor was absorbing yet another positive-matter Earth with his antimatter cloud (the overall plot of the Crisis series) and in order to tip the scales for the heroes of the positive universe, the Monitor sent a devastating beam of energy from the star Vega to Earth, which struck the observing Kimiyo, leaving massive destruction in its wake.
  • Granted the power of photonics and the name Doctor Light, Hoshi was assigned by the Monitor to guard one of the vibrational forks needed to save the Earth. After seeing the sacrifices made by other heroes Kimiyo realized how selfish she had been and resolved to change. She was instrumental in the final battle with the Anti-Monitor and once the Crisis was over, she became a superhero.
  • Her recovery of Superman in Flashpoint hints at a scene in Crisis on Infinite Earths where she carries an unconscious Superman to safety.


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