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"Uh, please, sire. All my years of service to you."[1]

Desaad was Darkseid's majordomo and weasel of an assistant.


Probably Darkseid's most obsequious follower, Desaad made a pretense of loyalty, but often engaged in private schemes to satisfy his own taste for destruction and inflicting pain to please his master.

When Darkseid refused to allow Kalibak to try and destroy Superman, Desaad manipulated him into going to Earth anyway, reasoning that if he succeeded, he would finally win his father's approval. Desaad appeared to take much delight in the pain Kalibak was inviting on himself for disobeying his father.[1]

After an invasion force led by General Steppenwolf was disrupted by New Genesis, Apokolips's military was severely weakened. Less obsequious now, Desaad criticized his master for inviting New Genesis's retaliation. Realizing his fatal mistake in questioning Darkseid, Desaad attempted to flee, but was vaporized by Darkseid’s Omega Beams.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

Desaad was an expert with various Apokoliptian machines, several of which he developed himself as torture devices. As Darkseid's closest assistant, he was also familiar with the planet's workings and resources.

Background information[]

  • Desaad was created by Jack Kirby, as part of his "New Gods" pantheon. He deliberately named the character after the Marquis De Sade, a French author notorious for writing sexually explicit novels involving torture and masochism, from whose name the term sadism was derived.
  • In the comics, Desaad was the brother of Bernadeth and originally from New Genesis but corrupted by Darkseid in his youth. But Desaad's ambitions led him to poison Suli, Darkseid's wife and the only person he ever loved, on the orders of Queen Heggra, Darkseid's mother, so that Darkseid would marry Tigra, who would be the mother of Orion. Desaad regained Darkseid's favor by poisoning Heggra, allowing Darkseid to claim the throne of Apokolips. He also has a long history of treachery against Darkseid, which always end with Darkseid using the Omega Beams on Desaad and resurrecting him after a time.


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