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Dennis Farina (born February 29, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois – July 22, 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona) was an American actor who was the voice of Wildcat.

DCAU filmography[]

Justice League Unlimited

Background information[]

Dennis Farina was a former police officer of Sicilian descent. He rolled into acting when he was an on-set consultant for director Michael Mann. After his debut in Thief, he got bigger roles in Mann's Crime Story and Manhunter (co-starring Brian Cox as Dr. Hannibal Lektor). Later works included Get Shorty, Big Trouble, Reindeer Games, Midnight Run and Law & Order. With his imposing voice and physique, Farina often played authority figures - cops, military, or mobsters.

Farina passed away on 22 July, 2013, from a pulmonary embolism, at a hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was buried in Hillside, Illinois, near his original hometown of Chicago.

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