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"Easiest thing in the world, being a teenager: you get up, you go to school, you come home, and you do your homework. How do you mess that up?! Yet all of you did, in one way or another—and now I have to clean up that mess!"

Dr. David Wheeler was an unscrupulous child psychologist who ran a therapy ranch for troubled kids.


In consequence of the new stern parental liability laws, Dr. Wheeler established a clinic that offered desperate parents the solution to handle their rebellious children, which was located just on the outskirts of Gotham City. In exchange for a considerable sum, Dr. Wheeler promised the finest long-term counseling for adolescents.

However, in secret, Wheeler was a cruel and unforgiving sadist whose idea of "therapy" consisted of brainwashing techniques, accomplished by means of sleep deprivation and endless belittlement. His "classes" involved making his patients stand for hours on end while yelling at them that they were worthless and that he was the only one who could save them, and not allowing them to leave for anything, not even to go to the bathroom. For those who would get out of line, Wheeler confined them in ISO, a form of solitary confinement involving total sensory deprivation. In these ways, Wheeler attempted to break the very spirits of the students that were sent to him, turning them into drones. The clinic thus effectively functioned as a true prison camp, with several guards with leverage and artillery on hand to keep the students in check, led by Vincent, who carried out Wheeler's will in all things.

The influx of students sent to the ranch was massive. All kinds of teenagers were admitted to the clinic ― from the most rebellious to the mildly disobedient ones, among them Chelsea Cunningham, whose father shipped her off to the clinic after Principal Nakamura received an email from her calling this solution "un-schway" and notified him.

Upon this, Terry McGinnis set off to investigate, first investigating the clinic as Batman, and then going undercover in the clinic as his civilian identity. When Dr. Wheeler found Sean Miller picking a fight with Terry, he sent the former off to ISO before searching Terry, finding a small camera on him containing incriminating evidence. Dr. Wheeler apprehended Terry overnight and planned to do away with him, in case someone went looking for him. In order to "take the fight out of him" before having him killed, he decided to have Terry sent to ISO along with Sean.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Terry and Sean, a mutiny ensued and the ranch was shut down. Wheeler was captured by Sean, who wanted revenge on him for trying to put him into ISO and dropped him from a high wall in disregard of Batman's pleas for him not to, forcing Batman to save his life. Dr. Wheeler and his guards were subsequently arrested by the Gotham City police on charges of child abuse and torture.


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